A Brief Introduction To The College

Rangachahi College, Majuli

It is on November 06, 1983, a "Red-Letter-Day" of greater Rangachahi area in the history of higher education of majuli, one of the biggest rever-islands in the world that an energetic social organization namely 'Majuli JilanYogi Sanmilani", taking an adventurous role under the leadership of late Dambaridhar saikia as President and Sri Bogaram Nath, M.A. B.T., as Principal and secretary with the blessings of reverend Satradhikar Sri Sri Krishna Chandra Dev Goswami of Garamur Satra, Majuli, along with a group of energetic social workers of the entire Rangachahi region, enkindled the candle of the temple ofhigher education as "Rangachahi College" in Majuli. Rangachahi region, the heart place of Majuli, 10 km distance from the Head Quarter of the Sub-division Garamur, totally free from the danger of erosion of the Mighty Brahmaputra, has many distinctive characters of geographical identity, literacy atmosphere, socio-cultural and historical heritage, healthy and harmonious social environmentwith peace and tranquility. It is established in congenial socio-cultural atmosphere paving the ways for intutive learners. Now the college is imparting the knowledge of spiritualism, patriotism, universal brother-hood and civic consciousness of moral and ethical values through general education to the thirsty growing generation. Our college is aware of encouraging our students to be ideal and capable of making a bridge of mutual co-operation and understanding. we greatly emphasize the idea of self-sufficiency, self-employment, self-reliance and development of human values through the concept of value education. We are, in most cases, overcoming the feeling ofall sorts of prejudice, superstitions, amongst the student-community. We are trying our best to enhance the scientific temper, idea of environmental protection to make "Pollution Free Society" including the feeling of ideal use of precious resources for future generation. We are also providing facilities for intellectual development of student-community supplying newspapers, magazines, journals and conducting debate, discussion, seminar and other forms, according to need basis. We have the provisions of special monitary facilities, books and other helping schemes for the meritorious, handicapped and economically downthrodden students. For the development of physical education, the college is facilitating a spacious playground-surrounding sweet environment along with indoor games inputs. A music college is running in the college premise for providing regional, national cultural dimension. Taking up the whole picture under consideration, Rangachahi College, has since its inception, been providing both higher secondary and graduation(UG & PG) programmes both in English and Assamese mediums.