Election Committee(EC)

Rangachahi College, Majuli

Election Committee that comprises between Sri Anil Neog (A.R.O.), Sri Krishno Kanto Doley (E.A.R.O.) and Mrs Chandralekha Devi (E.O.) invites the nomination for various posts of Secretary, Magazine Secretary, Game Secretary etc. of the students in each year and the goes through the nominations and fixes the date of elections in which all students are expected to use their precious votes for the favorable candidates. It is mandatory for all of them to show their college identity cards at the time of voting. The Election Committee involves all teachers in the election procedure to run it smoothly for the greater interest of the student community as a whole. The teachers have to play the role of the presiding officer, polling officers and counting officers in the same way the election commission of Govt. of India conducts on the eve of various elections.