Rangachahi College, Majuli

Rangachahi College Museum that came in to existence in 2016 under the guidance of the Principal of the College has created a glorious revolution in the history of this college in which several utensils/ objects have been kept preserved for the generations next to come. The college museum contains some valuables stones, postal tickets of various countries, coins, wooden craft, bamboo made objects, ladies ornaments and dresses, and various others to keep the existing generations up to date with the passage of time. Majuli is known for the wooden bamboo made objects and cultural culminations all over India. Here lies a list of some of the valuable objects of the museum.

Bamboo made mask:
Chair, Sofa, Table, Jokai-khalueo, Fishing, Palah-Juluki, Uvati, Dingora, Pauri, Khoka, Ban,Kholah, Barokhi, Chalani,Ghani etc.

Bamboo made Agricultural Materials:
Moi,Dolimara,Okhon,Juwali,Bindha,Borchalani,Kohna,Ploughingatick,Chamari, Jabaka,Taka,Lahani etc.

Bamboo made House Materials:
Kharahi, Kariya, Bamboo Fan, Pasi, Japi, Dola, Kula, Chalani, Dhari, Don, Muha etc.

Wooden Materials:
Khundana, Pida, Kuhona, Kharaon, Ural, Box, Dheki, Almirah, Hata, Chair, Table, Koruka, Bench, Tool, Thogi, Thapana etc.

Decorative Materials:
Deer head, Horn etc.

Drum, Khol, Doba, Tal, Fofora, Bahi, Pepa, Bahi, Sutali, Gogana, Gajang, Tokari, Nagara, Tabla, Bahi,Mekhala Chadars, Reha, Mising Galuk, Ribik Garo etc.