Message From The Principal

Rangachahi College, Majuli

Dear Students and Parents

I earnestly appeal you to all “Come with White and Go with Green”. The Rangachahi College is rural educational leader that impart quality education. Quest for knowledge is its task of the ever best. Knowledge is omnipresent irrespective of rural, urban, state, country and the continent. Self creation of favourable education environment and adaptation is the best help for us. Educational history of Rangachahi College showers the light of green that bring brilliant in every steps. Nursing in the reciprocal way in between institution and common people, teachers and students will be the great forever. What I shall give you that are not important, your valued contribution reading in this institution will be importance to shape society well. Welcome you everybody to fulfil your great expectation Dr. Nava Kr. Gam, M.Sc., Ph.D., D. Litt.
Rangachahi College